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Lorraine Roar – Sunrise EP [ILOGIC020]

Its a pleasure for us welcome Lorraine Roar on board , her music is full of inner and melodic traces building very attractive atmospheres for music lovers. Lorraine Roar is a spanish melodic & inner electronic music producer and DJ based in London. Lorraine´s musical touch brings inner warmth, shaping emotionally steady and dark powerful bases, wrapping the audience with authentic breath taking melodies that culminate in a energetic atmosphere which makes you want to move your body but will also haunt your heart and mind.
Sunrise is an EP designed for the body and for the mind, moving you to pleasant soundscapes; three tracks very careful with melodies and friendly architectures built for the most demanding dancefloors. [ILOGIC020] Sunrise is full of raise to the nature, a cosmic journey through cutting-edge stories about the secrets of the universe.