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Cosed I & Distant -Insect EP [ILOGIC012]

[ILOGIC012] Insect EP is a very complete work full of melodic rhythms from the mind of Closed I & Distant , two producers from Argentina emerging in the international scene with very carefully works published in different labels with a great projection
Matías Fernández aka “Distant” is an emerging producer from Córdoba, Argentina. as well as Ignacio San Pedro aka “Closed I”, their works always are developed experimenting among their different facets, techno , melodic or lysergic landscapes .Insect EP is a piece of pure melodic techno , a deep and harmonious journey through the best beats. This wonderful EP comes together with 3 great remixers: Aree , from Italy, his sound is focused into dark atmospheres with techno beats, melancholic and introspective, melodic sounds. Words of Niō , from USA, he sees music as a healing force with a direct link between our human experience and higher leves of consciousness. Always searching for textures that evoke new ways of awareness through deep, melancholic, dark and melodic soundscapes. And Di Rugerio originally from México focused on the underground genre of melodic techno