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Order to Madness .Apollo`s Messenguer & EKDK (Remixed by Erly Tepshi & Against the Time [ILOGIC008]

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”(Francis Bacon)

[ILOGIC008] Order to Madness is a piece of pure intimacy, a path crossed by light and dark,looking for keys that guide you to the deep love that finds its way in a shapeless world. Apollo´s Messengers & EKDK work together in a same direction, high quality and pure sounds traversed by melodic traces .Order to Madness is a small big EP to understand the essence of what we are. Erly Tepshi give us a sound house brand remix, this italian producer inspired by the new wave of electronic music, deeply, emotional and full of vibration his sound still remains dark like his musical background in his words only in darkness we can find ourselves.

Against The Time, is an example of one of the artists who played in the musical immensity, tied in on the other side a decade ago, he discovered the frequency capable of communicating with the side here, and it is through the emission of dynamic sound waves that his message is transmitted, causing us all to have a proof of what the possibilities of music Is able to do.