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Middelar- Bo ( Incl. Remix by Micrologue) [ILOGIC007]

Precociousness is the best word to describe Bo .Middelar comes back on his own imprint with a beautiful, emotional and intelligent music , “Bo” is the best argument for iLogic label, pure house brand ,it’s a superb sounding journey containing an amazing track called Bo . Middelar , again, drop a a remarkable EP on iLogic, this artist bases his work on seduction for the inner mind, and just with a little more uptempo invite you to dance . [ILOGIC017] Bo is built with a melodic and progressive techno sound, combining fascinating dance floor beats and intimate vocals recordings We definitely let us seduce by this track.
“Bo” coming with a extraordinary remix by Micrologue , both artists understand music as the construction of pleasant landscapes for the senses. Micrologue is a permanent feature of the dancefloor , is one of the best producer in Europe and from iLogic crew we are very proud that he is part of our family . Electronically, melodious, emotional, playful and dreamily are the incisive arguments for Micrologue’s Style and his customised outworking of electronic Music.