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Middelar  -Uryko Remixed by Christopher Ivor & LLuis Ribalta  [ILOGIC011]

[ILOGIC011] Uryko Remixes is something for the senses, a beautiful piece of sound. Close your eyes and let it come to you. Opening with a rhythmic sound, Middelar hypnotizes you with his sweet and harmonious melodies . This EP is something special whith two big collaboration in one hand Christopher Ivor ;composer, producer and live performer from Amsterdam’s electronic underground.
Music has always been and always will be an important part of his life, his brightness is as fresh as his music .His latest works are signed on consolidated labels as Manual, Chapter 24 or SOSO .His Uryko Remix is a wonderfull piece of pure sweet melody.In another hand Lluis Ribalta , he gives Ymaro a special touch from experience and good taste .He has lived in Electronic Music since 1993 with classic techno influences, becoming part of the electronic music’s professional world,in his Dj sets, it’s possible to listen to all kinds of influences and styles, but keeping a strong orientation to the dance-floor, full of energy. This remix is another beautiful piece of sound