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Noble Spirits & Rikfell -Haunted EP [ILOGIC014]

Noble Spirits and Rikfell drop a awesome work in form of two beautiful tracks. [ILOGIC014] Haunted EP is an interface between the real and the magical life, an artifact to help us to reflect about the intersection among music and its relation with the people who listen and look beyond. The journey begins with “Haunted soul” inviting you to enter into its depth with simple and spatial sounds, and progresses towards a realm of beautiful immersive abstraction with “Seven gates” defining hyper-dimensional beats.

Noble Spirits and Rikfell are two wonderful minds connected by the music. They give us this fantastic work loaded with melodic traces and dark landscapes that invite to an introspective trip full of sensations.[ILOGIC014] Haunted aims to provide us with a vision into the deeper of reality which are usually beyond our grasp. It introduces us to a journey full of pure sensations, an interface to connect our most mental side with the beauty of music.